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A dynamic company at your service

At EIA-Solution, we aim to support you in your projects by offering innovative solutions and skills in tune with our time.

Over the course of his various missions, Walid MEGDICHE closely followed the application techniques of automation engineering in the industry and their evolutions over the years. The report was unequivocal: "In 10 years, technology has made a big leap forward while the engineering techniques have advanced only timidly.The freedom of innovation left to engineers is really limited. This is mainly due to the succession of projects which leaves little room for innovation and the risk of not achieving the desired result. It is often difficult to change habits and methods that have made their proofs, but which, in my opinion, are not in line with the technological means available today ".


During years spent working in high value companies in the field of industrial engineering, Walid met Adama Zida with whom he worked on different projects in the world. Their skills and their ambitions were complementarities pushed them to work hard to reach their vision of engineering: Study, develop, accompany and design with a methodology in phase with our era.

The software suite developed by EIA-Solution and EIA-Solution Ltd aims to save up to 40% of the engineering design time of your projects.

EIA-Solution SAS was created in France, in Lyon, in 2015, then EIA-Solution Ltd in Hong Kong, in 2017 by Walid MEGDICHE. His partner Adama Zida, created AZI-Concept SAS in France, in Mulhouse in 2015.


The two partners continue to practice their passions by supporting each other and taking advantage of their geographical complementarity:

- EIA-Solution SAS carrying on business in France

- EIA-Solution Ltd carrying on business in Asia

- AZI-Concept SAS carrying out its activity in Europe, Africa as well as the Americas.

To date, EIAZI (EIA-AZI) has several employees working in 4 countries:

- France

- Hong Kong

- Malaysia

- Singapore

- Algeria

"It's not the size of a company that defines its impact, but its bondaries and customer satisfaction."

EIA-Solution accompanies you and advises you in your projects, in all phases conception and realization.

We offer you:

- Technical assistance

- Studies and realization turnkey

- A solution specific to EIA-Solution that has proven itself and satisfies all of our previous users.

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  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water treatment
  • Energy
  • HVAC
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At EIA-Solution, communication is an important element

Whether it is for spontaneous applications, partnerships, commercial proposals or any other request, our team will do its best to answer you as soon as possible.


EIA-Solution shares the main events with you. Keep up to date and contact us if you feel concerned or want to share more information.



EIA-Solution has a new website

To enhance your experience, our design team has improved the design of our website. goes into version 2.0. Areas dedicated to recruitment, contact or news were added. Future developments will be made to complete the website. Reset connect to discover future news.


MRT2 - A 2 year extension signed!

Colas Rail Asia signs a 2-year extension to the initial contract of 01/05/2017. EIA-Solution confirms its involvement in the development of the automation of the energy production and distribution system dedicated to the new MRT2 line in Kuala Lumpur.


AZI Concept - Purification and water treatment unit

Our partner, Azi-Concept, announces that it has finalized its new Ultra Compact & Mobile Water Treatment & Purification Unit. This unit is named HPW 7500A


MRT - New Contract !

EIA-Solution, in partnership with Colas Rail Asia, will participate in the creation and commissioning of the power supply and distribution system dedicated to the new MRT2 line in Kuala Lumpur.


Creation of EIA-Solution LTD- Hong Kong

In order to extend the reach of its business, EIA-Solution becomes LTD (LIMITED) and opens an office in Hong Kong. New opportunities and new markets are on the horizon.


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